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    Welcome to Equal treats, where the healthy living meets delicious indulgence YOUR FAVOURITE SNACKS ARE MADE KETO-FRIENDLY, SUGAR-FREE, GLUTEN-FREE, ALL IN ONE. IT IS GOING TO BE A DREAM COME TRUE LAUNCHING SOON...... Be ready for the revolutionary snack swap challenge, this challenge is to encourage people to swap their usual sugary or carb-heavy snacks for Equal treats brand snacks for one week. Participants can sign up on our website and receive a discount voucher on your first order. We will be launching shortly in all the major stores near you as well as all online platforms, be ready to change yourself. scroll Be the first one to try Subscribe to our newsletter to receive news and updates. Enter your email here Sign Up Thanks for submitting! Contact MISOGI PRIVATE LIMITED, GROUND FLOOR, SWATHI NAGAR LANE 1, HS NO 108, PERURKADA 695005, TRIVANDRUM, KERALA, INDIA +918075142141 First Name Last Name Email Message Thanks for submitting! Send

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